Our museums are as much about people as they are collections.  We create rewarding experiences for a wide range of people both in our local communities, and those who visit Cumbria. 

In 2018-19

– 285,000 people visited our museums

– 24,800 schoolchildren visited, explored and connected with our museums

– 24,800 people of all ages joined in activities at our museums and in community venues across the county

Cumbria Museum Consortium supports the ICOM statement concerning the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation military forces. We express solidarity with and support for the people of Ukraine, including our colleagues in the museum and heritage sector. #StandWithUkraine


"I scarcely had one night of quiet sleep, / Such ghastly visions had I of despair, / And tyranny, and implements of death"
(Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book X, 1805)