Photo credit - Stuart Walker

Make new friends, work in amazing places and know you are helping to support museums in Cumbria – three reasons to join us as a volunteer.

However you want to get involved, in our galleries or behind the scenes, we have plenty of volunteering opportunities.

To find out more, have a look here:

Volunteer at Wordsworth Grasmere

Volunteer at Lakeland Arts

Volunteer at Tullie House Museum

If you’re interested in volunteering, but you’re not sure where, contact Kate Parry (Manager, Cumbria Museum Consortium) on for a bit of guidance.

Cumbria Museum Consortium supports the ICOM statement concerning the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Federation military forces. We express solidarity with and support for the people of Ukraine, including our colleagues in the museum and heritage sector. #StandWithUkraine


"I scarcely had one night of quiet sleep, / Such ghastly visions had I of despair, / And tyranny, and implements of death"
(Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book X, 1805)