Our ambition

CMC is responsible for some of the most important art, manuscripts, museum artefacts and architecture in the UK.  We look after these buildings, and the objects that fill them, for people to enjoy today and for generations to come.

Our ambition is for local people and visitors to Cumbria to use these museum spaces and get involved.

We want more people to engage with the collections and learn about history and the world today.

We urge our visitors to question how and why things are made and to share their personal stories and family histories.

We want to facilitate debate around what makes good art? and what does it mean to be Cumbrian?

We encourage visitors to contemplate the splendour and beauty of Cumbria’s cultural landscape; and to indulge in the great produce served in our cafés.

Most importantly, we need you to add to the rich cultural heritage that shapes this wonderful county.

What does success look like?  We know we will have achieved our vision when:

  • Our schools and learning programmes are over-subscribed and we are engaging with every pupil in Cumbria.
  • Local people are advocating for their museums and championing how our activity supports them and the wider community.
  • We are recognised as Dementia Friendly museums and leaders in health and wellbeing for cultural organisations.
  • Our visitor profiles are representative of the communities we serve and more local people are visiting more often.
  • Culture is recognised as a key driver for visitors that come from beyond Cumbria.
  • We recruit top applicants for jobs.
  • National and international artists, and other partners, approach us to collaborate on high profile projects.
  • Tullie House
  • Lakeland Arts
  • Wordsworth Trust


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